Halo Reach U.R. Frontline Clan

Welcome to the Frontline.




New montage "Comeback" has been uploaded to youtube it has been uploaded HERE first, and a clan alliance with United Regions has been formed. We are now known as the U.R. Frontline Clan... 

 Welcome to the Frontline Soldier, 

To join, register on this site and make your display name your gamertag.

The Frontline Clan's New Montage in HD:



Jacko4life25's new montage:




 My Gamertag is: jeffo123

 Co-Founder: kalastroniun

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6/7/11-Montage has been created as well as a new BTB map and maybe another infection map...~~~jeffo123~~~

11/5/11- Yet another montage is being created for us by jackomomb, so if you have anything that you want to put in it just put it in your fileshare. As well as another BTB map. ~~~jeffo123~~~

3/5/11- Making new map. Not sure what to call it yet. It's based around the Paradiso Island. It's made for BTB. Right now it's in beta so if you want to test with me just XBL inbox me. ~~~kalastroniun~~~

7/4/11- Our Halo Reach Montage is now being done by Jackobomb, using kalastroniun's and my videos. A few exterminations, quick double-triple kills and a killing frenzy, and with great editing skills by Jackobomb equals an awesome montage. ~~~jeffo123~~~

5/04/11- 2 NEW MAPS! Check them out.~~~jeffo123 & kalastroniun~~~


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